Services in Nurmes and the surrounding area

The city of Nurmes is located in the northern end of lake Pielinen. The city centre built between two waterways is known for its beauty. The old market town and its area of Wooden Nurmes are historically significant and protected sights. The biggest markets are located in Porokylä, about 12km from Kainiemi, 8km by boat.

The Bomba house and Karelian village are also well-known attractions of the city that have been built to celebrate Karelian culture and heritage that remain a big part of many Finns’ identities. There’s a restaurant in the Bomba house where you can enjoy a traditional Karelian meal. In the traditionally built village there are some smaller log houses and a big log building called Kalevan hovi (“The Palace of Kaleva”).

Golf course and indoor sports hall PielisAreena can be found in Hyvärilä, near Bomba. 

Sotka Spa on the lakeside offers different kinds of spa facilities and treatments. Regardless of season or temperature, you can take a break from the traditional spa atmosphere by going for a refreshing dip in the lake (through a hole in the ice in winter, of course).

Kotilanvaara ski centre offers challenges for skiers and snowboarders, as well as a slope for sledding for those not comfortable on skis. There is a shelter with a fire pit in case you want to take a break in between. The ski tracks and slopes are lit and the centre is open daily.

There is a lit structure of skiing tracks in the Bomba-Hyvärila area, and tracks on the lake (that lead to Kainiemi too) start from the shore. The Lystinmäki (“Hill of fun”) slope guarantees a fun day for everyone. The Safari house Kalevan Hovi in Bomba offers a chance to rent and maintain gear.

Attractions and activies in the nearby area

The national landscape of Koli with all of its forest and lakes is one of the most beautiful in all of Finland. Numerous artists have found inspiration in the nature and surroundings. Next to the breathtaking and fundamentally Finnish scenery, restaurants, hiking, spa and downhill skiing opportunities are available in the area. Koli is about 75km from Kainiemi.

Ruunaa hiking centre in Lieksa, near the Russian border, is a popular site for rafting and canoeing. The site also provides excellent circumstances for hiking and fishing. The hiking trails cross rivers on suspension bridges. The site is situated about 85 kilometres from Nurmes.

Tahkovuori holiday centre is located in Nilsiä, about 80 kilometres from Kainiemi. The area has plenty of entertainment, restaurants and bars. In the summer there’s an open golf course, while winters in Tahko are spent skiing and snowboarding.

Vuokatti holiday resorts, 90 kilometres from Kainiemi, offers slopes for downhill skiing and snowboarding, an indoor skiing facility for practising the sport even in the summer, a golf course, a spa, a wide variety of sports facilities, and SuperPark, an indoor activity fun park for the entire family.

The best shopping opportunities nearby are in Kuopio, 130km from Nurmes: there’s a big easy-access shopping centre by the motorway with Ikea and Matkus, with most modern day high street shops & plenty of cafes. There’s also a variety of shops and boutiques in the city centre, a famous market place (lovingly dubbed the “centre of the universe” by the locals) and a market hall, Biltema and many others.