Driving in the region

Roads in the Abruzzo region are often small mountain roads. The route to Casa Martin will take you through some mountains, although most of the journey from Teramo goes via a well-maintained motorway. The drive to Rome takes three hours and traffic is light until near the capital.

The nearest beach in Guillianova is about 50 minutes away. The Grand Sasso mountains with a natural park and a ski centre can be reached in about an hour.

The village of Bisenti is a 10-minute drive away from the villa. In the village you can find everyday facilities such as a grocery store, restaurants, a postal office and a gas station.

The nearest bigger town is Teramo, with about 50,000 inhabitants and good services. Teramo is a 40-minute drive away from the villa. There is also a shopping centre called Grand Sasso near Teramo.

Nearest shopping centres (Centro Commerciale)

Gran Sasso
The nearest shopping centre, located close to Teramo. Free parking and a big grocery store.

Citta’ Sant’Angelo
Shopping centre with small noutiques and outlets.

Val Vibrata
Big shopping centre with lots of specialty shops.