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We welcome you to Nurmes and Italy also in 2020!

Villa Erika for 13+3 people

Big private villa with sauna by the lake

Villa Annika

A modern villa for 4-5 people

Discover the beauty and peace of Finnish nature!

Fun activities in winter and summer

Casa Martin

4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, fully fitted kitchen and patio in Southern Italy.


Villa Annika

One bedroom and a spacious mezzanine, for 4-5 people. TV, WiFi, sauna, private beach and pier.


Villa Erika

Five bedrooms, for 13+3 people. TV and WiFi. Private beach, sauna and pier.


Something to do for everyone in Kainiemi

Welcome to Nurmes, Northern Karelia!

Kainiemi is located in Kynsiniemi, 12 kilometres from the city centre of Nurmes. Two high-quality villas with all modern amenities are built on the area. The villas are located close to each other, but have their own privacy.

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The new low-energy villas have a fireplace that is heated from the terrace and that will serve as a tool for cooking, an energy source for the underfloor heating as well as provide heat for the sauna.

Kainiemi offers excellent leisure activities for all tastes and ages. You can spend your holiday doing various sports and other activities or just enjoy the nature and relax by the lake. There is a private tennis court and numerous opportunities for winter sports in the surrounding area.  In the autumn season the area offers a perfect setting for hunting or fishing and picking mushrooms and berries.

Following customers’ wishes and depending on the season, a diverse range of activies is available: tennis, water-skiing, sailing, fishing, hiking, cross-country biking, trial and motocross, snowmobile and buggy safaris.


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A fourth bedroom in Casa Martin
A fourth bedroom was completed downstairs. It’s cool even in summer. Now Casa Martini can accommodate at least ten people.
New room ready in Casa Martin
A new 40 m2 room with kitchen and bathroom was completed on the ground floor of Casa Martin. Upstairs there..