Activities in Kainiemi

Make sure of availability when reserving: all activities cannot be realised at all times. Guidance and instruction can be arranged according to your needs.

The fireplaces in the villas are also built for cooking. They can be used for grilling, smoking and stewing while they warm the house and the sauna. Some recipes will be provided.

In summer


There are swings, a lot of space for kids to play and an opportunity to play football, floorball, volleyball, croquet or badminton. Specially designed Kainiemi Olympics can be organized on demand.


The tennis court in Kainiemi has a clay base, which makes it a reasonably slow base and therefore particularly suitable for amateur players. The court is free to use and lessions can be arranged if wanted. The court must be brushed after playing.


A rowing boat is included in the villa's price and an outboard motor can be rented. Kainiemi has a Bella 600 HT motorboat, which can be used for boat trips to Nurmes or even further. The boat can be rented for own use, if the renter's boating skills are sufficient for inland waters. The boat accommodates 2-6 people.

Canoeing and rowing

A kayak for two is available for rent. Nurmes is about an hour away by canoe. The rowing boats can be rowed with two sets of oars to speed up the journey.


Bella can be used for water-skiing, by yourself or with an instructor.


Equipment for fishing can be rented. The boats can also be used for fishing on the lake, by trolling or with fish nets and traps.


A Joe17 sailing boat, an optimist dinghy or a windsurfing board are available for rent, hiring an instructor is also possible.


Buggy safaris are possible in Nurmes. Kainiemi will have own roadlegal buggie in june 2014

Hiking and cross-country biking

You can take a bike ride or go hiking in the surrounding nature. More beautiful sceneries in Koli and in Ruunaa. Bikes can be rented.


The nearest golf courses are in Nurmes, Nilsiä, Tahko and Vuokatti.

In winter


Skiing tracks that are connected to the city tracks go around Kainiemi. Skis and skiing boots are avaible for rent. There's also a skiing centre near the city centre.


By renting snowshoes you can go wandering on the snowy ice and hills.


If the weather allows, a skating rink can be ploughed on the lake.


Snowmobiles can be rented for own use or instructed driving. A sleigh ride for 10 people is also possible. The buggies can also be driven in wintertime.

Swimming in the frozen lake

A hole can be drilled to the ice for refreshing dips in the frozen lake.

Downhill skiing

The closest slopes are in Tahkovuori, Koli, Vuokatti and Siilinjärvi.


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    Internet connection updated

    Internet connection updated.

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