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Kainiemi Villas expands to Italy

New house in Italy.

Award from

Thank you very much our customers !!

Villa Erika

Stunning view to Lake Pielinen

Villa Annika

Modern villa by the Lake Pielinen

Wonderful nature waiting for you

Biljard and tabletennis

Lots of activities

Boating in Lake Pielinen

Winter night atmophere


Something to do for everyone in Kainiemi

Welcome to Nurmes, Northern Karelia!

Kainiemi is located in Kynsiniemi, 12 kilometres from the city centre of Nurmes. Two high-quality villas with all basic aminities is built on the area. The villas will be located close to each other, but however have their own privacy. Nearby there is also an old log cabin and its outbuildings, where additional accommodation can be arranged.

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As a speciality, the new low-energy villas will have a fireplace/stove that is heated from the terrace and that will serve as an energy source for the underfloor heating.

In addition to the surrounding nature, Kainiemi offers excellent leisure activities for all tastes and ages. You can spend your holiday doing various sports and other activities  by yourself or offered by us, or just enjoy the nature and relax by the lake. There is a private tennis court, which is free for customers to use during summertime. In the winter, there are skiing tracks nearby and snowshoes are also available for exploring the surroundings.  In the autumn season the area offers a perfect setting for hunting or fishing and picking mushrooms and berries.

Following customers' wishes and depending on the season, a diverse range of activies can be offered: tennis, water-skiing, sailing, fishing, hiking, cross-country biking, trial and motocross, snowmobile and buggy safaris.

There is also a golf course and a spa in the Nurmes city centre, as well as the historical Karelian village of Bomba and other cultural sights.


  • 05.09.2019

    Fishermen in Kainiemi.

    Fishermen in Kainiemi. Good catch from Pielinen.

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  • New villa for rent in Italy


    Kainiemi Villas expands to Italy


    Kainiemi Villas has acquired a new property in the region of Abruzzo in Southern Italy! Abruzzo is located by the Adriatic Sea on the Eastern coast of Italy.

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  • 23.03.2017

    Internet connection updated

    Internet connection updated.

    New 4G-connection works much faster now.